[SOLVED] VolumioRootFS2.0.tar.gz

Hi everybody !

I need some help with Volumio’s building :

282 #When the tar is created we can build the docker layer 283 if [ "$CREATE_DOCKER_LAYER" = 1 ]; then 284 echo 'Creating docker layer' 285 DOCKER_UID="$(sudo docker import VolumioRootFS$VERSION.tar.gz $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_NAME)" 286 echo $DOCKER_UID 287 fi
When I run this command : ./build.sh -b arm -d pi -v 2.0 -l reponame

On line 285, docker import VolumioRootFS2.0.tar.gz returns me “No such file or directory”

Can you help me to find it ?

Thanks for reading.

I think you need to supply some detail here … what are you trying to build & how? Do you actually want Docker support?

Right here :wink: , I want to create a img file of Volumio for Raspberry PI.

“How ?”, I don’t know, I just want to test for now, but my problem is with this missing tar.gz file.

Don’t include the ‘-l’ option (unless you are actually want the docker option, and have all it’s dependencies satisfied).

Do you know the use of docker for the build ?

I’m not sure if there really is a use case.
As @chsims1 wrote, unless you really want to play with Docker to try the image, you can safely skip the option.

…and even, uninstall docker.io package if you do not intend to use it.
Keeping it may alter name resolution for apt-get during build…(unless docker recent versions fixed it).

Thanks for your help, it works !

But actually, can you help me, if you can, on this subject : https://volumio.org/forum/build-with-custom-webui-t6690.html

Thanks !