[Solved] V 1.5 and Raspberry Pi B+ and HiFiBerry+ no audio


I have a fresh image of Volumio 1.5 on a Raspberry Pi B+ with a HiFiBerry +. I have followed all instructions, selected the HiFiBerry + in Settings, etc. Testing with WebRadio and Spotify, I see where it shows music playing, but get no audio out of the HiFiBerry. No startup sound, either (it is enabled).

Both the Pi and the HiFiBerry are new. I’ve used the Pi with OpenElec and HDMI audio, which worked fine. This is my first attempt to use the HiFiBerry.

Would really appreciate a hand–I’m a total noob in this realm.


I think after you select hifiberry+ in settings you need to go to the mpd page and change the audio output from raspberry pi analog out to hifiberry.
I had the same issue pretty sure thats how i fixed it.

That’s the way it worked for me :
On the System page, select the Hifiberry + I2S DAC and use the Apply button right under.
Reboot the Raspberry.
On the Playback page, the Audio output should be : sndrpihifiberry.
(and make sure you have plugged your jack cable on the Hifiberry DAC+ input and not on the Raspberry jack input).

Thanks very much for the replies. In the course of troubleshooting, I flashed my card with a test image from HiFiBerry, to make sure I didn’t have a bad DAC. It checked out fine. I then reflashed the card with Volumio. As I was doing that, I saw the replies here. I started it up, and went to follow the suggestions. A couple of odd things:

  1. When I originally started Volumio, on the original install, I saw only HiFiBerry+ as a choice under I2S DAC. On the next (current) install, I got multiple choices. Of course, I chose HiFiBerry+, but I think it’s interesting that there was a difference. I then rebooted.

  2. I then checked under Playback, and saw that sndrpihifiberry was already chosen for Audio Output. Right about this moment, I heard the startup sound.

So, as far as I can tell, I didn’t do anything different the second time. Perhaps this is interesting/useful to the developers. In any case, I just tested Spotify, and it worked beautifully. I’m now off to add some proper music files and give it a real spin. Thanks again!