[Solved] USB SSD Drive with Pi B+


I’m fairly new to the world of the Raspberry Pi and Volumio. I would like to know how easy it would be to set-up a USB SSD on the Pi/Volumio.

Do I need to be careful about which drive I buy for ease of installation with Pi/Volumio?


All translations from drive to usb are done by the usb adapter you use to connect the drive with. It could be possible the you’ll find one that doesn’t work with volumio but i don’t expect it wouldn’t work.

You can better worry about powering the drive, i dont know if the raspberry pi you use can deliver enough power for a drive, and dont forget the adapter. The first versions of the R-pi can’t deliver more than 500ma max, the B+ should be changed a bit but i have no clue how much it can power.
I have a Samsung 840evo 120GB SSD here* this is rated 0.86A and a 2,5" 250GB hdd, rated 0,508A never had these working on my 256mb model B w/o alternative power source.

For connection with volumio, see the FAQ: faq-and-the-answers-for-t1545.html

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    [spoiler]Now im currious why the “low power consuming” SSD has a higher power rating[/spoiler]

Yeah, I was assuming the SSD would have an external PSU. I think I’ll go for a 128gb USB stick instead. Thanks