[SOLVED] Usb disk size recognition errors

Hi everyone: I have a 2Tb usb external disk attached to raspberry, I copied via network 43GB , and now it says I only have 5Gb of residual space? what can I check or do? Thanks bye

What says you have 5GB of residual space? What is the format of the hard drive?

Everything solved (without understanding the causes)
For my convenience connect the usb path as Z disk of windows. Copying a folder (with albums to mp3 in it) I receive this report:
Insufficient disk space on usb disk (\ Volume). You need a further 393 MB space to copy the files
usb (\ Volumio)
Free space - 4.73 GB
Total Dimensions - 5.04 GB
Copying the individual subfolders (after creating the main one as a container) no problem at all.
Thanks for your attention, greetings