[Solved] Upgrading to the new Volumio version for Raspberry


Is there a way to upgrade an existing system to the new version without flashing the sdcard?
I have all kinds of configuration and customisations on the system and would prefer not to recreate them again.


…I were also interested in


I also want to know! Had a hard time figuring out how to get my wifi up and running and hope to avoid getting into that again. Is there a change log for the new version?

Try this maybe.


Tried that method but after the script completed I lost all wifi-connectivity. Everything seemed to run fine though. Can’t tell what went wrong.

Will reflash from scratch


is there any chance to made a update to 1.4 without loosing all config parameters?


This will only change the Web Interface!

Never change a running system! - If you dont need the new functions and everything works fine, why you should change it?

So far I know there is no way to update Volumio in a perfect way. (You can download updated files from github and change them, but thats a dirty way)
Better: Save your configuration (write it down, copy the radio station´s etc., if you installed new driver, for wifi maybe, make sure you have a working instruction), then flash the new image, install your drivers (with uname -a you can check the Volumio build version) and configure your Volumio.