[Solved] The library doesn’t auto update. Anyway to cron it?

Complimenti! Volumio is working dreamingly well on a Pi thru a Topping TP30 MK2 over wireless to a Linux ZFS/NFS Server. Power cons is only 6 watts.

My main library mount is a fairly static collection of 50,000+ songs but also I mount a Podcast dir to which the server downloads new episodes daily. But the Volumio library db does not auto update, so i have to do it manually and given the size of my library and the limited power of the Pi over wireless this takes hours.

Is their any way to cron a library update? Anyone know the command to use? Then I cud do it everynight and problem would be worked around.


Did you activated the auto-update settings in playback?

Buongiorno e grazie,

Ah ha! There it is. I’ve activated it and I’ll see how it goes.

My bad for not finding it, but shouldn’t this switch be in the Library settings? That’s where it usually is on most other software players.

Best regards and good luck with the project - It works really really well.


Thank you! Let me know!