[Solved] Start/Stop Volumio on time


just installed Volumio on RPI b+ with Hifiberry DAC+. All went well, no troubles.

Is it possible for Volumio to start playing a webradio on a given time? and stop playing after a specific time?

Would be great. Set up fo weekdays and weekend…


I don’t know any built-in feature in volumio for this, but it can be easily done with the crontab and mpc commands.

=> Create a script file, for instance /home/pi/startRadio.sh


mpc clear
mpc load WEBRADIO/myRadio.pls
mpc play

Do the same thing for a “stop” script, it will just contains the command:

mpc stop

Then, all you have to do is manage those scripts through the crontab


i’ll look into that.

Would be great to implement this in volumio…

when editing crontab, do i login ssh with volumio/volumio or pi/raspberry?

Doesn’t matter. Just run:

Sudo crontab -e