[SOLVED] Smarthub USB HDD Query

Hi all,

It is possible to connect a HDD to my BT Smarthub router and access this from my laptop as if a network drive. However, it does not appear possible to mount this as if it is a NAS in Volumio. The network address for my music folder is smb:// SSD/Music and it can also be accessed using the address \api\My SSD

Is it possible to connect to this with Volumio as if a NAS? I’ve tried using the above IP address and mounting it using various paths (e.g. /Music, /My SSD/Music) but have not got anywhere.

many thanks

I have just done a quick test of this using a USB stick. The Smart Hub reports the stick as ‘\api\shared_disk’, and it mounts fine in Volumio using cifs and a mount path of ‘shared_disk’


Thanks for the help - how were you able to identify it as ‘shared_disk’? I couldn’t see that anywhere.

It’s still not working… have I got any of the settings wrong?

Many thanks

‘shared_disk’ is how the router reports the share name of the USB stick (’\api\shared_disk’ actually in the router GUI). Your share name is probably different … as you reported in the OP.

Many thanks, I’ve used ‘My SSD’ which is what my drive is called, and it’s working now. I thought I had tried this before but maybe I was not using CIFS.

Kind regards