[Solved] set up issues

Hi, trying to get Volumio 1.5 up and running on a RPi B.

Wrote the img to SD card (using dd) and have the RPi plugged in with wired Ethernet to a router with dhcp server enabled.

The browser is not showing the Web UI when going to volumio.local (despite having Bonjour installed). I can see the Pi has an IP assigned and I can SSH into the Pi, but no UI comes up, even when I try to http to the dhcp assigned IP address :question: . nginx seems to be running (there’s a master and worker process showing up with ps).

So basically I’m stuck there. I don’t think it’s the hardware, I had Raspify and an earlier build of Volumio running on the same Pi. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, had this issue before, cleaning the browsers chache helped.


Ooh. Hope it’s that simple. Thanks, I’ll give that a try and update with the results. I did try with several browsers (on several devices, Firefox x86, Safari iOS etc) and the result was the same, nothing showing but no timeout either…very weird.

Could you please paste the output of pstree?
So we can see if also the other workers are properly up and running

Thanks for chiming in. Clearing the browser cache didn’t do the trick. pstree as follows:

volumio@volumio:~$ pstree init─┬─avahi-daemon───avahi-daemon ├─dbus-daemon ├─dhclient ├─login───bash ├─minidlna ├─monit ├─nginx───nginx ├─php5-fpm───5*[php5-fpm] ├─player_wdog.sh───sleep ├─player_wrk.php ├─rpc.idmapd ├─rpc.statd ├─rpcbind ├─shairport───{shairport} ├─sshd───sshd───sshd───bash───pstree └─upmpdcli

FWIW the hardware is an RPi B rev 1.0 (without the mounting holes). I’ve tried RaspBMC this afternoon and that works fine. I tried disconnecting anything superfluous (WiFi dongle, DAC) and that doesn’t make a difference (though dmesg wasn’t showing any particular errors for those as far as I can tell). I’ve also tried to re-download the img and re-dd it to the SD card, exact same result.

Noticed that mpd is not running and I can’t start it manually. I’m not certain if that’s due to not having done any configuration (as I can’t access the web UI) but it looks like something may be corrupted.

volumio@volumio:~$ /etc/init.d/mpd restart [ ok ] Stopping Music Player Daemon: mpd. [....] Starting Music Player Daemon: mpd/usr/bin/mpd: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/samba/libndr-samba.so.0: invalid ELF header failed!
I’ve just redownloaded it (again) on an another machine and am writing it to another SD card, a microSD this time, different from the two cards I tried earlier. If that doesn’t solve it I’m out of ideas.

Problem resolved with changing cards. I have two faulty SD cards, what are the odds… Thanks all. Enjoying Volumio! Considering getting a B+ with I2S DAC to replace my USB setup, looks like people are happy with such a configuration.