[Solved] self built webradio stations will not work on 1.5

I have a lot of sellf built webradio links which works great on V1.4 on a raspberry B and runs without any problems on other players. On V1.5 none of them will work. I tried it 3 times, always with the same result. I´m back to V1.4 now, works great.

Sample: http://stream.hoerradar.de/mp3-radiobob

I had a few .pls and .m3u files that didn’t work at version 1.4, so I started using this standardized format, and have had no problems.
The format instructions are found here: add-somafm-streams-volumio-t1082.html
Your .pls file should look like:

Title1=Radio Bob

and you can put them in the Windows Share \volumio\WebRadio

Thanks a lot, it works