[Solved] Select any Airplay device as Volumio Audio Output


I would like to stream from my Volumio to my Airport Express instead of using the Audio Output Jack on my Raspberry Pi.

The Airplay option in the Settings enables Volumio to act as a Airplay Receiver, but this is not what i want.

How can i add my Airport Express (or any other Airplay Device) to the “Audio Output” selection list in the Volumio Playback Menu?

Any hint is appreciated.
Thank you very much


Quite a challenging task…
I’m integrating this in next release. I may publish a guide about it when I’m done configuring it.

Hey michelangelo

Sounds great -> btw much appreciating your work! Big respect!
Once Airplay is configured i would actually like to switch the Audio Output form ALSA to Airplay and back from the command-line if possible.

thx ron

Ist AirPlay Output already integrated?

I’m new to Volumio but saw it as AirPlay output in my iPad several times (haven’t used so far).

Thanks for your reply Nick - but I´m looking for a way to add my Airport Express (or any other Airplay Device) to the “Audio Output” selection list in the Volumio Playback Menu. Just as ronsens described it.

Currently I´m running Volumio 2.041 on a Raspberry Pi 3. But under “Audio Output” there´s no Airplay available.
I´ve also searched for Plugins that could enable this feature. Unfortunately without success.

I wonder if the Airplay-Output feature is only available in pre-2.0 versions of Volumio?
Can anyone confirm this?

Hi there,

This is EXACTLY what im looking for as well.

Audio input is a USB DAC (coming from an Echo Dot) and the output is all or any of my airplay devices. Then controlled by HTTP requests to HA-Bridge.

When will the airplay part be implemented?

I don’t think we’ll ever implement this: as Volumio is intended to be the “output”, not another part in the chain.

Sorry about that

Oh ok,

Thanks for letting me know.

I have forked-daapd working pretty well. But it does not have any kind of web interface to run commands.

Any suggestions?

In fact in the forked-daap doc page, in the section MPD Client, the ympd.org/ project is mentioned. I have installed it ans it works great! So you can access your music and send it where you want using a web page.

Hope this help.