SOLVED: repeat a playlist does not work - user fail?

I try to play a playlist of webstations in repeat mode.
So I need only a “mpc next” button to switch to the next station and if I reach the last entry it should start with the first again.
Unfortunately I could not get “repeat playlist” to work.

The button in volumio gui is showing “repeat” but every played entry will be deleted out of the current playlist when I hit next.

I also try in terminal “mpc repeat playlist.pls” and get :
“playlist.pls” is not a boolean value: <on|off|1|0|true|false|yes|no>
volume: 13% repeat: on random: off single: off consume: on

Is this a bug or must I handle a repeat for the playlist in an other way?


It is a feature …

With “mpc consume off” the playlist will resist.