[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi 3 + Volumio 2.041 doesn't boot

Hello guys,
i have big problems to get the actual Volumio Image to work on my RaspberryPi 3. Openelec and Runeaudio run without any problems.
The 1.55 Version from the Hifiberry-site work aswell.

I tried the image several times but no luck yet. I have the LAN-cable connected, no USB-Stuff.
The Screen-Output tells me this:

Please Help me!
Love, Stoffel

There are various platforms and versions, so re. actual/current version which one do you mean?

Edit: from the picture this seems the PI is very early in the start process and does not even have any involvement with Volumio yet.
– Gé –

I tried the latest Volumio Version for Raspberry that i could download in the Download-Section on this site. It was the 2.041 i guess.

I installed the RC2 Fixed Version from Github now and it works fine.
Thank you anyway!