[Solved] Raspberry 2 connect outside HDD issue


I just flash the volumio system to my Raspberry 2, and want to connect a hard disk to play music.
But when I connect my Seagate 1.5TB 2.5inch HDD to raspberry, the volumio can’t updated any music at all.
And when I connect a small volume USB disk, the volumio can update music, but only update several music of that usb disk.
The power plug I used is a 2A plug of iPad, so I think the power supply is enough.

Well, did anybody meet the same problem? Or Is it because that the volumio doesn’t support large outside disk like 1.5TB?

Thank you so much!

Is the HDD usb powered? If so, it is possible that it requires more power than the usb port can give. The Rasperry Pi always had trouble on this department, I know for the model A and B the maximum draw would be around 500mA. I dont know if this has been changed in the later revisions and for the 2.

What you could try is use a powered usb hub and if you dont have one you could try to tweak your usb cable and connect the power directly to the GPIO header. I had to do this for a wireless usb adapter and that worked.

Thank you MobeyDuck!

Finally I have to use a sandisk USB disk. Even if the HDD can be used, but almost 10 thousands of music lead volumio works slow.