[Solved] Problems mounting CIFS shares - Mac OS X


I have successfully mounted a Mac OS X share in both Volumio and in Rune. I can happily mount any folder on my iMac, but I can’t mount anything on any of the other several Macs on the network. Back in July, before I had successfully mounted a share on my iMac, a guy in the Rune forum gave me some guidance, < runeaudio.com/forum/trying-t … -t241.html >, which involved doing stuff to the Mac as well as Rune through Terminal. Could it be something here that means that my iMac is accessible whereas all the other Macs are not? The iMac and Pi IP addresses are not the same now as there were back then. Confused!! Any ideas?

can the other macs ping the volumio unit?
what operating system are you using in the macs? the same or different?
try to go to the terminal in the working mac and issue a “mount” to get the list of options currently used. then try to mount the same share on another mac manually from the terminal using the same options

As per my PM, I sorted it. I didn’t have ‘Share files and folders by SMB’ switched on.

For other Mac users experiencing this problem this is what you need to do:

System Preferences / Sharing / Options / select the share by SMB button.

thanks for adding that info :slight_smile: