[Solved] Playlist stops at the end of each song


I’m running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi, have a hifiberry DAC plugged in and the little system has been running flawlessly from day one. This morning I decided to switch from a locally attached USB drive to a NAS drive, just to reduce the clutter around the stereo. A quick test and everyhring was fine but after an extended listen I realised that the playlist stops at the end of each song and I have to hit play each time I want the next track to play.

I’ve seen this behaviour a long time back when I played around with MPD. Does anyone know what could be the cause? Like I say, it wasn’t happening until I switched to a NAS drive. Could it be something to with network lag? I should add that the flac files are streaming over the network without any dropouts so in theory there shouldn’t be any network issues.


In the Web user interface or mpd client, you have not clicked on the single button?

You beat me to it! Just figured that one out and came back here to update. I’ve been using MPDriod (Android app) to control volumio and sure enough, I set single mode earlier. I don’t even know why I did that!

Thanks so much for the answer too.