[SOLVED] Pine A64 support

I wonder to know if Volumio 2 will support pine A64 kickstarter.com/projects/pi … per-comput which is cheaper and more powerful than Raspberry Pi 2.
Thank you

That can only be said when the product is out in the wild :wink:

It should be possible to build it for that platform. That would be after introduction of Volumio 2. But then again there’s still 40 days on the kickstarter and they still have to make the boards.

Yes you are right, however the project is completely founded and the first delivery is planned to Q1 2016. So it will be great if Volumio 2 will support Pine A64.

I’m also interested in a pine64 release. I have the 2gb version of the pine64 boards.

I tried to use a raspberry pi image thinking it would work on the pine but pine64 doesn’t appear to boot with it.

No, for pine64 there are no Volumio 2 build scripts yet, without that no joy I’m afraid…

Hi, can you help us with some steps on how to create the build scripts for other non-supported boards, point us in the right dirrection [emoji15]

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This calls for a tutorial, I know that, but we don’t have one yet.
I propose you mention which device you want to add, then I’ll PM you and write a tutorial as we proceed.
Remember, there are a few specifics you need about the hardware, apart from a kernel version >= 3.18 (!), you will need to know how to configure the boot process (boot.ini, boot.scr, uEnv.txt whatever) and need to know in which sectors of an image you need to put u-boot and things…
The rest is not quite trivial, but usually the easiest part.

Also, you do need basic linux scripting skills and know how to compile a kernel. Not as a specialist, but knowing which steps to go through and which parts you need to copy, and how, to your device image.

any chance we can have a pine64 build then? requesting please! :slight_smile:

Yes, but a pine64 device is needed to do this. I contacted pine.

Where abouts do you live? I could ship mine to you and i’ll pay return shipping when you’re done. pine team probably will take forever to get back to you…

Hi, no need to send your’s, pine only took a few hours to respond :wink:
Still, this can still take a while before it is finished as we are working on other boards too.
But it looks like pine support is on it’s way :slight_smile:


Agree with “woohoo” and units are on their way, but…the work still needs to be done.
Our first priority is getting Volumio released and steadied.
So Pine is coming as one of the next platforms, a little patience is needed:)

Hi gkkpch,

I’m a noob user, sorry, but I read a lot, and trying to understand how linux works.
few years there was minimal suport to cubieboars and allwinner soc platforms, because the sdks from allwinner wasn’t good at all.
volumio 1.55 is a example working cubietruck but that time was difficult to work stable, because stability of drivers and default manufacturer kernel I think.

but nowadays there was a community effort for mainlining this chips and minimal headless distributions that works very well in
Orange Pis, Cubieboards, Bananas…

linux-sunxi.org, there is a table for mainline effort
linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining … tus_Matrix
thant show what works and what are in wip

for allwinner chips A10, A20, H3 there are mainline drivers for I2S and a10, a20 audio codecs parts.

also, there are a debian distribution form this chips, Armbian.
that produces a minimal stable working OS

is there a possibility to do a build system for Volumio2 that can be integrated with this Armbian distribution?, or is difficult to integrate?

thanks in advance.

I think that months ago there was a lot of effort and headaches, but now is more easy thanks the works that this comunnity and others put against device manufacturers.

our goal is to use the same OS on all platforms, I will take longsleep’s BSP for Pine64 and hope/expect we can start from there.
We have our own approach which already works with many with different platforms, it combines their specific kernel support with the Volumio OS (debian jessie).
It has worked for RPi (obvious), various Odroids, Cubox, SparkySBC, even X86. Not all have been released yet, cubox and sparkysbc are close.
It is the teams goal to support as many platforms as possible, the ones you mentioned are all candidates and most re than likely to work. It just needs time (and hardware) to develop and also maintain them. Anyone interested in helping is very welcome.


I patched longsleep’s kernel (3.10.104 BSP) for the overlayfs filesystem and thanks to his excellent info at github.com/longsleep/build-pine64-image I could build the Volumio OS image from scratch today.

Onboard audio jack is working, but I don’t think audiophiles will ever use it as the DAC seems to be very limited regarding audio formats.
Instead I used an XMOS USB Audio DAC for testing, which was working perfectly with HiRES audio. No clicks/ pops or other artifacts.

Onboard Wifi is working fine, including the hotspot function for Volumio to allow configuration while being wireless.
Have not found any real issues yet, we will publish the image when ready.

Anyone willing to test? Send me a PM.

I’d test. I have m-audio fast track pro for my dac. i read it works with volumio.

let me know where to grab the image. i’ll pm.

I would be willing to test (I just registered, so can’t send PMs). I have a Pine64 just sitting around because nothing runs that great on it. Would love to use the Pine for Volumio so I can free up my RPi2 for something else.

Link to come when the next testversion is available, hopefully solving an issue with connection via wifi.
Expect one Thursday or Friday

looking forward to the next release!