[Solved] pi - usb dac loses handshake


running pi - volumio 1.4
connected usb to Jolida dac

All works well until I power off the dac. when I power it back on the units seem to lose the hand shake as nothing will play.
Have to power cycle the pi while the dac is powered up to play music.

Is there a fix for this?


Hello everyone!

So no one has responded to my issue and when searching there seems to be only one other post regarding this issue.
Are there just very few folks using the volumio solution in an actual audiophile system (high end standalone dac)?
Is this a known issue with no cure:(

Just don’t know where to go with this?

Any help would be extremely appreciated:)

Hi, what you’re reporting is a normal behaviour of Linux system, and it depends on the alsa implementation on Volumio.
What happens here is that alsa can detect and create soundcards only at boot, while it can’t after. So, when you power off your DAC (which has external PSU, so the receiver turns off as well) it is detected, but the soundcard is not created any more.
What you can do is SSH into Volumio and do

service alsa restart service mpd restart

this should do the trick… let me know


Am new to the forum so sorry in advance for any ignorant questions.

I’m using an Audiolab 8200CD DAC with S/PDIF inputs from the TV and BDP while the pi-B+ is connected via USB. As with notholdsworthy says, powering off loses handshake - the DAC can still “see” the pi (Audiolab displays “USB Link”) but no further data (i.e. sample rate) and play is not possible from the GUI. I haven’t tried switching between SPDIF and USB inputs on the DAC but I’m guessing this will create the same problem. Rebooting the pi solves this.

So thanks to Michelangelo for a possible fix - the problem is I am a total newbie to the world of the pi and have no idea about Linux or command programming… so while I am keen to implement the fix (and donate :smiley: ) I am struggling to get going.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to an idiot’s guide?

Thanks BTW for a truly amazing project!

…and one more embarrassingly ignorant question :blush:

is the fix simply an alternative to the reboot (in the sense it will always need to be inputted each time the DAC is powered off and on again) or will it become a permanent integral part of the program structure that therefore need only be implemented once?

Told you I was new to all this :laughing:

Ehehehe… The only fix I can suggest as of now, is rebooting volumio… Simple and effective!