(¿Solved?) OSX, PiWriter, Volumio Beta1.2P

Please help an old person with two left thumbs. (This is me, for the curious: http://volumio.org/forum/introduction-barnfry-t1075.html

I’m trying to write Volumio to an SD Card on OSX Mavericks. (I am using the internal SD Card reader on my MacBookPro, and the card I’m writing to is the one that came with my Raspberry Pi, with the Noobs and all that).

I’ve tried both of the methods detailed at http://volumio.org/get-started/, but I can’t get anywhere.

I’m getting conflicting information from PiWriter, (See image attached).

Since everything indicates “this can take a long time,” I’m loathe to quit the app, but at the same time common sense tells me it’s most likely not doing anything.

When using the terminal instructions, I got as far as

But got a response that the volume failed to unmount. Being that there is some risk of borking the Apple hard drive, I’m nervous to pursue that much farther.

Can somebody help me push this ball forward?

Okay, through repeated trial and error, trying to handle the SD card in Disk Utility and terminal, I’ve made at least one step forward - the reason the disc wouldn’t unmount is that I was trying to address the startup volume on my hard drive!

(So, Terminal protected me from myself.)

I don’t know what ended up working, but eventually, I got a second volume showing up with the df -h command, which was actually the SD card. So I’ve followed the rest of the steps and I am currently waiting patiently for some response from Terminal…


Okay, I don’t have any idea what I might have been doing wrong, or for that matter what I eventually did right, because I just kept bashing at erasing, unmounting, and remounting the SD card. Eventually it showed up in the Terminal window as mentioned above, and that was the turning point.

I feel a little bit foolish posting a problem and working through it less than an hour later, but I will leave this thread in tact for the benefit of any other similarly-afflicted persons in the future who know how to search the forums. :unamused: