SOLVED: Opening User Contol Panel and Messages fails

When I try to open the User Control Panel or the section with private messages the following error occurs:

[code]General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Got error 28 from storage engine [1030][/code]
The same happens if I try to send a PM when I visit a user’s profile and click on “Send private message”.

Viewing my posts works.

Another problem with the forum software: I don’t receive email notifications when there are new posts in watched threads or when I receive new PMs.

Browser is Firefox 69.0.

@michelangelo or moderators could you please have a look at my account. The error message indicates there is not enough disk space but the last time I visited the user control panel there seemingly was space left (regarding PMs) :question:

Thanks much!

The issue has been solved. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Feel free to delete this thread.

It was indeed a file space issue on the server. Solved it :wink: