[SOLVED] Only part of kodi nas disk (smb/cifs) gets indexed?

Dear members,

Since yesterday I have got Volumio2 working. In my network there is a LibreElec/Kodi NAS running. It publishes all my music via samba.
Volumio mounted the share and indexed the music. But only for a small part.
I have used the update and rescan options but the number of artist, albums, tracks does not change.

Please advise,


It would help if we could see what Volumio is mounting (set in UI) and what you have shared on your NAS (is it all in a single directory for example).

The music is on a partition. On the partition are several folders, but the music is kept in a folder called muziek. Most of the music is in a separate folder by artist.
I’ve added two attachments to view.



btw: the library picture was taken a few minutes after I added the second share named ext3medion.

Can you login to volumio either by ssh or by keyboard and monitor, and have a look at the contents of /mnt/NAS. Are all your expected music tracks here?

I had a peek at volumio@volumio:/mnt/NAS/KodiMuziek$ and it looks like all the folders are there.


Please check for the actual audio tracks. I want to make sure that Volumio is mounting your share correctly. If so, then it is a library scanning problem.

Yes, the music files are actually there.

OK, so at least Volumio is “seeing” all your tracks. Can you see what the output of ‘mpc stats’ is please? This should show you the total number of songs in the mpd database. If this is different from what you expect, then double check the pemissions of the missing tracks on your NAS.

The folders and files I saw in Volumio all had user and group and world permissions on the NAS. The ones I did not see had NO world permissions. So I gave them 775 permissions on the NAS and started a rescan in Volumio. It is now happily adding all my music. I think 664 permissions would actually do. Alas.

Thank you, thank you