[Solved] Old version of Volumio


Where I can find old versions of Volumio (for Raspberry PI)?

I’m having some issues, not working, with 1.55, changed SD cards and so on, and I would like to try a previous version.



Just below the big green download you have “Browse all files”.


How can we install in 2020 an old release of volumio as they are not published anymore on sourceforge ? Could you please document that on the web site with a link to access old releases ?

Unfortunately we do no longer support and keep no versions of Volumio 1.55, we have stopped that after the introduction of Volumio 2.
We can give download links to more recent versions, when given a specific version number, but when they are too old, they may not exist as we can’t keep them all.

I’m not looking about volumio 1.5 but volumio 2.x as I have a big problem with latest release 2.692

So, tell me which version you want and I’l post the link

Thanks. As I was able to resolve my problem and to upgrade to the latest release, this is not needed anymore.

Nevertheless, if volumio is an opensource project, this is really important that you share the releases under github like the release notes to let the developers to easily use a gtihub tag or branch to code/debug/test !!!

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