[Solved] No sound on Topping TP30 USB with Volumio 1.4

two other users have reported the same problem, but I have not seen any proposed solution. I have checked most sources of error I think;
-WLAN or LAN connection or both doesn’t make a difference
-It works fine on another DAC I have and via HDMI, so it is the combination with TP30 that is the problem
-The Volumio can be selected via shareplay, and it seems that the RPI plays (WLAN adapter receiving data), but no sound output.

Any ideas?

I liked the 1.4 generally, seemed more stable than an early beta I used before.

Combination: RPI, Topping TP30, Edimax

BR Martin

Update: In the process of changing to a previous version, I found a version 1.41 for RPI on sourceforge. This one has not got the stated problem. Seems I have a solution :smiley:
Seems to be an “inofficial release” since it is not linked from volumio.org as latest download.