[SOLVED] No network

Possibly a quick one. I’ve flashed the latest Pi image onto a new mini SD card. Slotted it in, and powered up. Disk and power lights flash, but no link or activity on the CAT5 port. As one might expect, I can’t access the Volumio.

It’s all fine back on Volumio 1

Any suggestions as to what might be the issue?



Hmm. Plugged into a TV this morning and it simply is not booting. Nothing on screen, no boot diagnostics. All fine with the other card.

Rewrote the card with Etcher, then again with Pi Writer.
No difference

I shall download the image again


Faulty SD card?

Wondering that. Not sure how I can test, though. It seems to read alright on my laptops etc.

Is there a size limit on the SD cards that Pis can read? The current card is 8G, the new one is 16G.

If the new image fails (not had a chance to test yet due to 18th birthday celebrations) I might image the new one and test.



Really beginning to feel like a broken SD card

Downloaded the image again. Burned with Etcher. Booted this time. Accessed by Volumio.local (eventually) but then changed IP and that wasn’t happy.

Added the NAS and everything ground to a halt

Rebooted and back in the no-boot loop

Oh well


Just to close this off I am stunned to report it’s the powers supplie(s)

The minimal difference between an 8G micro SD and a 16G micro SD is enough to stop the thing booting. So 2.5A Pi3 PSU on order.



Ah, that’s a very common solution for RPis with several problems, but I have not seen it reported for sd cards before. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: