[SOLVED] No music after the amplifier change

Hi guys. Yesterday I was set up my Hi-Fi, composed by:

Udoo Quad (Hardware)
Volumio (SO)
HDD WD 500gb
Micromega MyDac

I connected my amplifier Sony STR-DE635… An older amplifier, but it’s good for unserius listening. Well, it was going on perfect, and I was very happy.

Next I posted all the Hi-Fi hardware in the downstair, where the wi-fi is anyway good, with my serius setup:

Nad C350
B&W B&W DM604 S3

And then, it doesn’t works! It’s the same configuration of before, and same cables. I chanced only the amplifier, and speakers. Music starts in the display, wifi gone… Everything works, ma I don’t hear the music. I don’t able to explain that… Any help?

Thank you in advance!

P.S. Sorry for my inglish. I’m still learning…

Maybe I found the same problem. udoo-with-usb-dac-problems-sound-volumio-t736-10.html

I just have to try it. :smiley:

EDIT. It works.