[Solved] Music stops within 5 seconds over airplay

Hi, Maybe this has nothing to do with the dac itself but I have a question. I just bought this and soldered the P5 header on the Pi (Model A). I had previously ran the pi with a usb headphone soundcard which worked well. I am using this for airplay primarily and my testing is done with airplay.
However I do have sound but only for a short time. Whenever I start to play it will stop (Within five seconds or so) due to it getting disconnected from wifi. Now if I just boot it up and do NOT play, the pi will stay online without hassle, it’s only when I start feeding it music it will choke. This is getting me to think it perhaps has something to do with the power?

I am using a 7 port hub I got from modmypi: modmypi.com/raspberry-pi-ac … -pi-hub-eu
which I am using to power the Pi and wifi dongle.

As I was typing this I notice that I do not receive any ping replies from the pi so I assume it must have dropped out again, however it did stay on line for several minutes this time…

Does anyone have any suggestion on what to do? I am running Volumio v1.2 at the moment and it ran just fine when I had the same setup except for a headphone usb soundcard instead of using the sabre dac.

Ok I think it was the hub or rather the power supply because when I switched it stays on online. However I still have the airplay issue but now it behaves like this:

WHen I start the rpi it will connect to the wlan and it will display itself in the airplay. It will stay there until I try to play a song. It will then immediatley just drop out of the airplay. Its still on wifi and I can play radio through it… Anyone?

Is it possible to update to 1.4 through SSH? I’d like if that was possible as the rpi is sitting outside headless…

edit: Ok figured it out five seconds after I posted. It has to do with the fact that I was running a radio station when I was trying to airplay. Seems I need to stop the stream before feeding musicer over airplay. Going to see if it keeps stable. :slight_smile:

You must update the whole system (Reflash the SD Card)

Save your playlists, radio streams etc. before you do this!

Thanks for the info. I’ll do that. I only have a few radio streams. Im mainly using it for the airplay. I still had the problem with the airplay now. PLaying a radio stream works perfect but the airplay is flaky as f… Drops constanstly and eventually drops the airplay icon/function… I’ll try and install 1.4 and see if it changes anything. Thanks so far!