[SOLVED] Multi-user Playback


I’m trying to figure out if Volumio can handle multi-user playback on the raspberry pi. The goal is to have 3-4 people accessing the UI from separate computers to search and change songs. I can start playback on computer A but as soon as I try to switch songs on computer B everything breaks down. I can see the popup notification that states playback of the song has started on Computer A and B but there’s no audio or visual queue in the playback tab on either machine. I can’t start hearing playback until the pi is restarted.

I’m currently using the Spotify and youtube plugins and no local content on the pi itself.

Never mind, it looks like it was just an issue with the network I was on. I was trying to access the device from across subnets so that could have been the issue. I’m on the same subnet now and I’m able to accomplish what I wanted. Thanks for the help everyone. :smiley: