[Solved] more than one volumio on network

Hi, i have 2 raspberry pi’s both with volumio. its that good. but both show with same ip.

how can i change ip on one

how to i add my own radio streams also. is it a simple case of putting stream addresses into a folder on the HHD that the music flacs are in?


Do you use a static IP on your PIs? Can you post the content of /etc/network/interfaces?

To use DHCP there must stand something like:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Else it might use a static IP instead of using the DHCP service of your router.

You could also make it static and define two different IP-addresses in your Routers IP-range for those two PIs.

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hi Hibiki

how do i get that up?


im new to this-

sorted all issues now. put in manually in the interface. and browsed to smb on mac

Good to here that. If you should ever need it again: You could get the interfaces with vim /etc/network/interfaces or instead of using vim with cat.

If you want to dive deeper into Linux I recommend you the Tutorial “Learn Linux the hard way”. nixsrv.com/llthw

It is well written and afterwards you get to know Linux really good.

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