[Solved] Libraries doesn't update the entire usb

Hello guys,
I have a Verbatim 64GB usbkey, with all my music in there. When I start Volumio, it mounts correctly the drive as sda1, and when I go to the libraries it shows only 6 folders.
The curious thing is that if I go to /dev/USB, the terminal shows me all the folders.
I post a photo of the problem, after 8 hours updating…
Here the terminal view:

And here volumio interface:

I tried formatting the key in Ntfs, exfat and also fat32 but it doesn’t affect the result!

Has someone the same problem? How can I fix this?
Thanks for your precious help!!

Can you log on your device, and tell us what you see under /var/lib/mpd/music ? Do you have a symlink to /mnt/USB ?
What happens if you type from console “mpc update USB” ?

Hello jotak, in the meantime I tried to format the key in ext3, but in this case volumio doesn’t see anything.
I didn’t made a symink, but maybe I made one with no intention…How can I discover if there’s one?
Now I’m trying formatting again in NTFS to post the content of /var/lib/mpd/music and trying to do mpc update USB as your suggestion!

I just can’t believe…I deleted a subfolder from Metallica folder and now it works perfectly…
I tried what you told me but in /var/lib/mpd/music/USB there was all the usb folders but also not on volumio interface: 41 folders from terminal and 33 on library.
With the update command nothing changed.
So I deleted that subfolder 'cause I noticed that most time was stucked there while updating.

Hmm, interesting!
I see two options: either your Metallica files has some unsupported thing within (corrupted file? too big file?), or MPD authors don’t like Metallica :confused:

Hi, I am running into the same problem but instead of reading from a ubs key Raspberry Pi reads from a network mount drive(cfis ntfs).
All my flac/mp3 library is for sure working as I can normally play the “problematic” folders on my Windows 10 laptop.
Maybe Windows 10 cold be the problem itself but I haven’t checked for it yet.
I am hopping by moving my library to a external hdd (exFat) this problem will stop.

Don’t know if there is something to do in your case, but I had similar problem, only with some songs. It was due to wrong right on this file (only the owner was allowed to see and use them). I did a chmod - r 777 on the directory and now no more problem :wink: