[Solved] LCD Track Information Problem

I’m running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi and have connected a 16x2 lcd to show artist and track information. The display successfully powers on and when I start playing it correctly shows the play time correctly but both artist and track displays as “Unknown”. I’ve used mpdlcd.conf fromhttp://andypi.co.uk/?p=334. The tracks are playing from a share mapped to my Open Media Vault NAS. If I ssh into Volumio and run “mpc” it does show all the track information for the currently playing song. Although Volumio correctly reports all artist, album, and track information correctly I’m wondering if the issue might be related to the fact that all my music were ripped as .wav files. The pattern that I’ve defined in the mpdlcd.conf file is:

pattern2 = {song format="%(artist)s",speed=4} {elapsed} {song format="%(title)s",speed=2} {state}

Any hints/tips would be appreciated.

‘mpdlcd’ uses ‘python-mpd’ to retrieve the info from ‘mpd’
You van use the code below to test whether is it possible to retrieve the info from your files.

#!/usr/bin/env python 
from mpd import MPDClient
client = MPDClient()               # create client object
client.timeout = 10                # network timeout in seconds (floats allowed), default: None
client.idletimeout = None          # timeout for fetching the result of the idle command is handled seperately, default:$
client.connect("localhost", 6600)  # connect to localhost:6600
currentsong = client.currentsong()
print ""
print 'CURRENT----------------------------------------------------------------'
if len(currentsong) > 0:
	for text in currentsong:
		print text + ": " + str(currentsong.get(text))
	current_id = int(currentsong.get("pos")) + 1
	print "No current song (empty playlist)"
print ""
print 'STATUS-----------------------------------------------------------------'
status = client.status()
for text in status:
	print text + ": " + str(status.get(text))
print ""
print 'STATS------------------------------------------------------------------'
stats = client.stats()
for text in stats:
	print text + ": " + str(stats.get(text))
client.close()                     # send the close command
client.disconnect()                # disconnect from the server

Log in (SSH)
Save the code as: mpd_info.py
and run with: sudo python mpd_info.py


Old thread but thought I’d post update since I’ve resolved the issue…

Problem was the CD’s were ripped as .wav files. I converted everything to .flac and all’s well.