[Solved] Last.FM Scrobbling

Initial impressions are Volumio is a huge step up from RaspyFi, good work.

I noticed at the foot of the System options there appears to be an option for Last.FM scrobbling (two input boxes with “This setting is the TCP port that is desired for the daemon to get assigned to.” below) but it’s not immediately obvious how this should be configured, any guidance?

I did look in the shell for a scrobbler type config file that could have needed tweaking but couldn’t find anything, nothing on the website either so I’m stumped.


Asking same Q :slight_smile:

btw. Volumio looks amazing on #rpi (airplay working as should, also webradio…)

Same question here, would be great if someone who knows more, could give us an update. Thanks:-)

What I saw in source code, it looks like this functionality is not implemented yet and that form should be commented :slight_smile:

SSH into the Volumio box

Install mpdscribble

sudo apt-get install mpdscribble

Add your last.fm/libre.fm username and password

sudo nano /etc/mpdscribble.conf


sudo nano /etc/default/mpdscribble

restart mpdscribble

sudo /etc/init.d/mpdscribble restart

“Lean back and just enjoy the melodies”

This is spot-on - mpdscribble works well on volumio and will have you scrobbling in no time.

Amazing, thank you.

For anyone else, you may need to do a apt-get update before starting.

Works like a charm, thank you so much! :sunglasses:

Brilliant! Thank you!


Has anyone had any luck on the latest (or recent) versions of volumio?

I’ve tried the above steps with a fresh install of the latest image and I’ve not has any luck seeing anything appearing on my last.fm feed. It appears to be running, but I’m not sure where to check any logs other than this to see why I’m not getting any results.

Thanks in advance!

volumio@volumiozero:~$ systemctl status mpdscribble -l ● mpdscribble.service - Last.fm reporting client for mpd Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mpdscribble.service; enabled) Active: active (running) since Wed 2017-07-05 14:12:35 UTC; 17min ago Docs: man:mpdscribble(1) Main PID: 17692 (mpdscribble) CGroup: /system.slice/mpdscribble.service └─17692 /usr/bin/mpdscribble --no-daemon

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