[SOLVED] Issues installing volspot connect


I’m having trouble installing volspotconnect2

I get the following issue:

Detecting cpu
Cpu is armv7l, downloading required package
Failed to download. Stopping installation now
The following error occurred when installing the plugin: Error

I think I have a raspberry pi2

I’ve installed it in the past without any issues.

an ideas why I can’t get it to work now?

You may well get a quicker reply if you address it directly to the Gihub site, but please post back here the resolution.

Thanks for the reply.

I saw a post about dns settings, so I played with that.

in the network i changed the dns to off, then my router,, then some google ones as seen here


I only changed in via the gui though.

even though it told me it had failed, its working now.

no idea what is going on, but its working :slight_smile: