[Solved] Issues connecting to volumio, some devices

I’ve got an issue i dont fully understand: i can connect to volumio from these devices/apps without problem:

  • ie in windows 8
  • Mpad on my ipad 4

But i cannot connct using:

  • chrome on windows 8
  • safari on ipad

I am mainly using the mpad app, but i would also like to have the other options. Any ideas?

do you connect over the ip or with volumio.local ?

/facepalm :unamused:

Ok, in IE in windows and mpad i am using the IP instead of the name … any idea why the name isnt working anymore? Im sure this has worked before, and i didnt change any network settings (i wouldnt know how)

Are you sure that it worked?
You need to install Apple Bonjour to use volumio.local

I solved my connection issues. The problem was actually that my usb wifi dongle went to sleep after x hours.

raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/qu … spend-mode