[Solved] Issue with loading playlist via Python script

Hello Everyone,

I am about to build a small web radio player with the few resources I have at home. Therefore I am using a Raspi 2 Model B with an USB sound card (cheap ‘Tecknet’ device), an old Logitech 2.1 system, some LED’s and my non-present programming skills. I already got my script under Volumio 1.55 working, which was able to increase and lower the volume, play/pause, and load a certain playlist via keypad. I generated the lists with the Volumio web interface and saved them there. And this just worked fine:

[code]import subprocess
import sys
import time
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
from keypad import keypad


while True:
if name == ‘main’:
# Initialize
kp = keypad(columnCount = 3)

# waiting for a keypress
    digit = None
    while digit == None:
            digit = kp.getKey()

    print digit

# digit function

    if digit == 1:
            print "RSA"
            subprocess.call(['mpc', 'clear'])
            subprocess.call(['mpc', 'load', 'RSA'])
            subprocess.call(['mpc', 'play'])

    elif digit == "*":
            print "Volume -"
            subprocess.call(['mpc','volume', '-5' ])

    elif digit == "#":
            print "Volume +"
            subprocess.call(['mpc','volume', '+5' ])

    elif digit == 0:
            print "Play/Pause"


This way, I was able to load the playlist I saved with the name “RSA” by pressing digit number “1” on my keypad.

But now I have some troubles with the latest Volumio version 2.041. It works great so far, but when I am about to generate the playlists the same way I did before, I am not able to load them via python script. When executed, it is just saying “No such playlist”.

1 RSA volume: 47% repeat: off random: off single: off consume: off loading: RSA error: No such playlist volume: 47% repeat: off random: off single: off consume: off

Volume and toggle are working, so I may have a problem with the right playlist directory?!
Do I have to generate or save the playlist in a special way?

I hope you can help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance.


I just had to insert the URL links of the radio stations instead of the playlists. So this works out for me.

But I still don’t know where playlists are saved to.