[Solved] Install newest from github?


Great work, I enjoy using Volumio.

However, I would like to try the ‘newest’ features. Probably I just mis some basic documentation, but how can I install the latest version from source ?
I see the various projects at: github.com/volumio , but as far as i can see no documentation is given as to how they relate to eachother and/or what I should install:

  • Can I start out with a regular ‘volumio’ install, and than install only ‘webui’ from git ?
  • Or should I create a new install using ‘rootfs-raspberrypi’ ? And does this include the gui ?

( Note that my questions probably mostly have to do with my lack of knowlegde on how to create an ‘image’ that can be installed for a raspberry pi)




See: volumio-update-install-script-t633.html


Hi Naqua,

Thanks, that link/script indeed contained the information I was looking for


What is the difference between cloning from git and upgrading from 1.4 --> 1.5 ?

there are some background changes you dont get from github (or you will break something if you get them)
also its easier (for me as a noob) to upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5

I personally recommend to upgrade!