[SOLVED] iDefender on Rasp - ALSA error

I’m trying to connect a iFi iDefender galvanic isolation device betwen a Raspberry Pi4 and a iFi nano DAC.

It gives an ALSA error, (hw:5,0) not found.

In the playback settings I have the nano DAC preselected (because it was already selected and working prior to introducing the iDefender), but if I open the output device drop-down, only have Audio Jack and HDMI Out options.

So, I guess the Raspberry/Volumio is not seeing the DAC behind the galvanic isolation device.

I’m not a programer, but is there something I can do to make this work?


After some connecting/disconnecting, rebooting, dac with power on and power off, with and without AudioQuest Jitterbug and iFi iDefender, Volumio could final see the Jitterbug+iDefender+dac.