[Solved] How to perform an upgrade

Hi there,

I have been using Volumio for a long time (the old times when it was called raspyfi). Now I have v1.2 installed on my test system and I have added quite a few features to this installation (namely FTP, Python, LCD display control etc.)

Well, now that v1.4 is out and supposedly even better (I have had no problems with 1.2, but still I want to try the new one) I am faced with the same tasks, which I have performed for all previous versions. I am getting a bit tired of doing this over and over, because I expect that there will be many new versions in the future.

If I have to reinstall everything every time a new version is out, this is not going to be very pleasant. Not to mention it’s time consuming.

So, finally, this is my question:

Is there a way to upgrade an existing installation to the latest version? Has anyone done it? Would it be possible to start releasing the new versions as upgrades instead of new images?

Please help!


P.S. I am a software developer. Not yet too good with Linux systems administration, but good in coding. So if someone has an idea on how to do this, but doesn’t have enough time to do it, I could gladly help. Just point me in the right direction…

+1 On this please.
There must be an easier way to upgrade, rather than keep re-installing and re-setting up each time ?!

The pure Web-UI upgrades could be easily achieved with git pulling as the project is hosted on github, however I’m not sure how to do that for other updates, related to linux or installed softwares configuration.