[Solved] How to delete playlist?

I added my whole USB drive as a playlist. 8000+ tracks later, trying to scroll through it crashes browsers. I can’t find a way to erase the playlist, and it persists between reboots! Help ;_;


You can connect by ssh to your device and run “mpc clear” :wink:

By the way, they are other way to do it. Volumio integrates a MPD daemon which is a very common music player in linux, so many client softwares exist to manage it. Under linux, you can install “GMPC” ( gmpclient.org/ )

If you want to control Volumio from an Android smartphone, you can also install MPDroid : play.google.com/store/apps/deta … ev.mpdroid

They are probably similar softwares for Windows, Iphone, etc.

Thanks! Trying out Theremin for OS X and also SSH.