[SOLVED] How do I register new radio stations?

Hi – I got my Volumio set-up and running on a Raspi-3, Allo DAC within a few minutes, so far I have only some minor probs (while a different distribution took me the whole day before I gave up…):

How can I edit which file(s) in order to store new radio stations (cant believe the 3 german DLF’s are not preset :unamused: )?

I took from an older thread there is a way editing or adding text to certain files but since my Volumio is embedded on my home wifi I cant see it at “My Computer” or “Network” or do I miss something?


Hi berry, find the stream uri that you are interested in, and look under ‘browse’ tab & ‘Webradio.’ There is a ‘hamburger selector’ on the right hand side of the screen opposite ‘My Web Radios’, where you can add a radio stream of your choice.

Ooooops, that easy :slight_smile: … Ok, point was, my older browser Opera 12.18 showed up no reaction on clicking there, no prob with Opera’s last version … SOLVED !!! Thanks!!!