[Solved] Hot pluggable?

When using an USB DAC, is Volumio hot pluggable?

What do you mean? what part is / should be hot pluggable? and what platform?

Assuming the Raspberry PI, the SD is never hot pluggable, usb drives can be hot pluggable but for me volumio needs a reboot after plugging in a usb drive. This is also the case of usb dac, it currently isnt.

Linux has options to make usb hot pluggable, but that never really worked for me without having it pre-installed and with GUI. But the non B+ versions of the R-pi have some hot plug issues. according to raspberrypi.org/introducing- … el-b-plus/ the B+ has “better hotplug and overcurrent behaviour”.

No, Usb is not hot plugable with Volumio.
You should connect all cables, usb sticks etc. first, and then boot it up.