[solved] Help me: Volumio login

Hello friends, I introduced myself, my name is Francesco.
I would like to start Volumio on my Raspberry B3 +, the program asks me for a userid and password, I write volumio for both of them, and accepts them. Then what should I do? Thanks

Hi Francesco,

have a read of the quick start document linked to in my signature. Volumio is primarily designed to be accessed by any browser on any device in your home, rather than on a monitor/keyboard/screen connected directly to the Volumio device (although this can be done with a suitable plugin). Feel free to ask if there are more questions.

Thanks, I had read the guide, but I hadn’t succeeded, I try again, if I can’t, I ask for help. I connected the raspy to the tv with hdmi cable, and I use usb keyboard and mouse.

Nothing to do, I can’t, I read the guide but I didn’t understand anything.
I connected the Raspberry to the DAC Schiit, to the Usb hard disk, but I can’t find volumio on the net. I tried from other home computers with volumio.local or by entering the ip address Nothing to do, do you have any suggestions? Thanks

Does your RPi have a wired or wifi connection to your home network?

I tried both, both wifi and ethernet :blush:

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that I finally solved. I installed the FING app on Android phone, and instead of looking in the Volumio.local browser I typed the IP address As the address changed each time, I set static IP, then configured Volumio with the DAC as audio output and connected the USB hard disk, all connected with the pre LINN Pretek and Linn Powertek amplifier, and the LINN Keilidh speakers . Now I listen to music from USB Hard Disk and web radio. (Linn radio web, Naim Radio, etc).

Volumio is very nice, easy to use by phone or IPAD, very comfortable and the audio quality is excellent. Thank you, greet all :wink: