[Solved] Graceful shutdown

Hi All,

I have a Cubox_I up and running and a RaspeberryPI with I2S DAC.

Question: how do I invoke a graceful shutdown. Earlier experients with the option ShutDown are bad. Than I can’t get the system up and running anymore. Volumio comes up, but nothing react anymore or Volumio can’t come up anymore and had to flash the image again.

What is the procedure except shutdown the power unit?

Thanks Harold

Stop the music first befor you shutdown your pi.

Normally the shutdown button in the Web Interface should work.
You should wait a minute or two before you disconnect the power unit from the pi.
You can also shutdown your pi over ssh with the command: sudo shutdown -h now (nothing else makes the button)

What version of Volumio are you using?

Thank you,

I use for the Cubox and PI, the latest versions, 1.4.

I will follow your advise en try.

Is this suitable for both units. So wait for a while for the Cubox also to unplug the power supply.

Till now I stop the music first and disconnect the power supply. The system comes the next boot normally up okay.

Ps. Very often I had to UpdateMPD to get the options back for USB and UpnP.


Should work for every Version on every Device.

For the Raspberry: You can unplug the power supply when only a red LED is shining (= power supply is connected), then the system is not running (30-60 sec after you pressed the Shutdown Button in the Web interface)

Thank you. You helped me perfect.