[Solved] Failed to open audio output

I have one of the DIYINHK ESS9018K2M DACs with the XMOS USB board that is supposed to have revised firmware allowing bit-perfect volume control from the slider on apps.

It works fine on Volumio 1.4 via the USB board - although the slider volume does not work! Any ideas on how to configure ALSA for that would be appreciated.

I then tried to run Volumio via I2S directly on to the DAC board, completely bypassing the USB input board. I can’t get it to play - no sound cards found despite trying the Generic I2S activation. Is there something I need to change/add for the ESS DAC?

I can get other DACs to work via I2S but not this K2M.

Guidance appreciated!

SOLVED. Turned out to be a wrongly specified pull-up SMD resistor that, despite having the correct 20k marking printed on it, was 2M rather than 20k! Thanks to DIYINHK for their help tracking this issue down.

If anyone contemplates buying this DAC (and it’s well worth it - great detail, resolution and separation of instruments) to use via I2S it might be worth putting an ohmmeter across the SMD resistor near the word “Input” to check it is indeed 20k.