[Solved] empty library Web UI, even though music appears ...

Finally have volumio running on my cubox-i2.

Now, the problem is that the library appears to be empty, even though mpd has cataloged audio files.

In particular:

  1. All the music is on a SMB server. I’ve been able to correctly mount and navigate to the music files via ssh, so I don’t think that’s the problem.
  2. When the indexing starts, entries appear in the library web UI.

However, at some point, the library web UI becomes empty (no entries for genre/artists/albums).

Browsing via the web UI seems to work (albeit slowly - yes, I have a lot of music), and playing seems to work too.

Any ideas?

Check this thread in the bug section.



Hi, just set up volumio today on a 512MB RasPi, connecting to a SMB share on a Mac with ~37k m4a and mp3 files in the directory structure.

I’m seeing exactly the same behaviour: database updates slowly and shows genres, artists, albums and tracks on the Library display as it does so but once complete the library appears to be empty.

Hoping a fix comes along for those of us with more music than sense :slight_smile: