[Solved] Did I get a faulty B+ pi or is it volumio 1.4?

I flashed 1.4 to a micro SD and it starts up but for some reason the keyboard and mouse aren’t recognized. Additionally I can’t get it to connect to my wired ethernet jack. And when I put in my wireless usb stub the little blue light doesn’t even come on.

All of these things work with my Raspberry Pi B just fine. So I am wondering if this could be a weird OS thing for B+s or if I should just RMA the B+ pi.

I can’t even do an apt-get update since it doesn’t recognize my USB keyboard and I haven’t found documentation on how to do the mythical “SSH” remote login that is hinted about everywhere…

Welcome! Are any errors shown in the bootup sequence?

for the Raspberry Pi B+ you need to flash Volumio 1.41 (Download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/volumio/files/Raspberry%20PI/1.4/Volumio1.41PI.zip/download)

Yes this fixed my problem - up and running on my B+ now :slight_smile:

Another question - should my B pi be using 1.41 or is it only intended for B+?

if you have problems with 1.4, make a update.
if all is running well, i would let it.
you can also look here: http://volumio.org/forum/changelog-t1575.html
to see what has changed