[Solved] Cannot boot on Volumio 1.55PI on Beaglebone Black

I tried several times to flash my sd card with the 1.55PI version of Volumio, using Win32DiskImager. Each time, my Beablebone doesn’t boot on the SD card.
If I switch back to the version 1.4BBB, everything’s fine.
Can’t understand what’s the problem…

I thought the new 1.55 was for the Pi only, I could be wrong though.

Well, the name of the .img file is confusing, as it is “1.55PI”, but this appears to be the new beaglebone black edition too (on the website as on sourceforge).

If you check the download page here: volumio.org/get-started// and select the BeagleBone Black you will see the latest version is 1.50 released 30/11/2014

I think the clue is also in the version number 1.55PI, I’m assuming the PI bit at the end means for Raspberry Pi.

Problem solved: as you said, it appeared that I downloaded the wrong version. Don’t know how, I was sure to have selected the Beaglebone…
It works like charm now!