[Solved] Can I store playlists & tag_cache etc. . . on nas?

Is it possible to volumio to store playlists, log, tag_cache, etc. . . on a nas? I currently have a diy mpd setup using a alix 2d2 board. Was thinking of trying volumio but I don’t like the idea of the files being stored on the SD card itself seems like a bad idea if it dies. . .

Playlists and log files are stored on the SD by default.
If the SD card crashes I don’t think you’ll miss the log files. But playlists are worse to lose.

You can edit these default settings in the mpd configuration. from the top of my head, these settings are located in /etc/mpd.conf

I don’t know what you meant with tag cache, but it’s Linux, you can edit everything. If you meant the tags as in album artists etc. These should be set per song and are saved in the song files