[SOLVED] Build 2.114 Repeat song/playlist issues

Hello everyone, I am new to Volumio but really like the features of the player with my Raspberry Pi 3 B. However, even with this latest build (2.114), I cant seem to get the repeat button to work properly in order to repeat any of my playlists (for use in burning in headphones). It either only repeats a single track or jumps back to the first track of the playlist while showing the title of a different song.

I would appreciate any help or guidance you can offer. I plan to keep this as my home music source and player software.

Cheers and Thanks!
-HK sends

I have similar problems.
I cannot stop repeat, quite annoying.

Same problem here, can not stop repeat playlist.

Fresh 2.114 install on RPi 3 with HiFiBerry DAC+.

Fixed yesterday, a new bugfix version is due in a couple of days

Great, Michelangelo.
Good to see you on top of this problems.
Love your software.

Sooner than expected, the update to 2.118.
It squashes this bug, great!

Thanks so very much for the fix!
-HK sends