[Solved] Bluetooth Integration

Hi All,
Love Volumio, have it on a raspberry pi B (old model) and its great when connected to my home wifi. The only thing i feel is missing is bluetooth support so i can use it as bluetooth speaker on top of its extensive features. I have seen numerous requests but no suggestions on how to do this so i am having a crack at it myself. (want to build a portable setup than anyone can use for outside of the home)

What sound server / mixer does volumio use? I have having problems with finding Alsa or pulse (2 i am most familiar with) and don’t want to install another unless i have to (although most tutorials for bluetooth seem to use alsa).
With all the features Volumio already offers i can understand it not being a priority for developers but in my situation i would love it!

cheers all.

Hi bighead85,

that’s a really cool initiative from you. It may be useful for a lots of Volumio users as i know this feature has been requested several times in the past.
For your information, Volumio is using ALSA and not Pulse Audio.
I hope this will help :slight_smile:

So how did you solve it?