[Solved] Any Udoo Volumio users that could share their experience?

I have a udoo board lying around and this is the project I would like to do. I keep reading that a DAC is a no go on the udoo (well only usb so far) which is ok with me cuz I am planning to use small speakers Pc speakers . I just want something portable that sounds nice. Would love to hear from udoo users experiences and their takes on volumio with this board? Sound quality with the digital output.


Hi weemo,

I have tried to install once Volumio on my brother in law’s Udoo Dual and it didn’t work. The first thing you need to know is that as far as I know, Volumio boots only from Udoo Quad board.

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Thanks for this. Quad it is the one I have. I see little movement around the forum so I am starting to think whether this is the right choice for me? I will be trying this one and another audio project. Thanks again!

I am not sure if the suggestion below will work for udoo dual, but I believe tha if you copy the image of udoo quad on an sd card and then do the following from a linux machine, it will work:

wget http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO_Unico/u-Boot_Dual/u-boot-d.imx dd if=u-boot-d.imx of=/dev/sdX bs=512 seek=2 sync

where X is the number of your card.

I want to mention again that I am not sure for the above, but as far as I know, the bootloader is the only difference between the two.

Yes, that is the correct procedure!

Thats simple! Thanx. Will post when I get a chance to work with it